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The work world has changed – and is changing – rapidly. What worked before may not work forever, but we can help.

Strategic People Consulting helps small and mid-sized businesses plan for the workforce of the future. No project is too big or too small - we will partner with you to get it done. We understand the symbiotic relationship between a company's workforce effectiveness and its performance, and we offer coaching, workshops, customized programs, and consulting services that will help you elevate, anticipate, and humanize your ways of working to achieve your goals, retain top talent, and drive growth. 

Passion with perspective

You're ready to transform your workforce. Why should you choose Strategic People? Our perspective and our passion.


We have extensive and diverse experience working with companies of all sizes to evaluate workforce effectiveness, implement talent strategies, improve employee engagement and retention, and support professional development.


On top of that, we are incredibly passionate about helping companies work better, and we know that starts with their people. We take the time to understand the nuances of your business and your people to create solutions that make an impact on your organization.

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Community with connection

The workplace landscape has changed drastically in recent years, leaving many employees feeling disconnected from their team – and in some cases, their work. We believe in the power of community and the effect strong connections can have on the employee experience, as well as individual and team performance. We work with you to create programs that will help you create a strong sense of community amongst your team, no matter where they work.

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Solutions with simplicity

Our work is a significant part of who we are, and workforce strategies can have a meaningful impact on how people feel about the work they do every day. That's why we offer full-cycle development, human-centered programming, consulting, and coaching with a focus on practical and easy-to-use tools and processes that are repeatable and scalable, helping you get the most out of your investment.


Lisa Hardesty
Ph.D., L.P.
Mayo Clinic

Jen is an authentic leader and coach, who guides and challenges while also supporting and advocating. She has an uncanny ability to explore areas of vulnerability in a safe manner, which creates trust and sustainable change in others. Her insatiable curiosity leads to insights and positive movement and working with her definitely leads to new and untapped perspectives, potential, changes.  

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